25 Times This Artist illustrates about Depression and Anxieties Through his Comics

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Everyone is busy in their life these days. No one has free time to themselves where they can enjoy themselves and relax. Taking a break from the endless work is important and we think we may have something that will make you feel even more relaxed; Comics. Meet “Chuck Mullin” , a 28-year-old artist living in London. She uses her talent to illustrate her daily reality with cute comics


The main character of the comic is a pigeon. Which reflects the reality of our daily life. The comic is very entertaining. We hope the comic helps you deal with fear. She found pigeons to be the perfect subject for exploring the complexities of living with a mental illness, and a few years later his funny and whimsical birds have garnered legions of fans online.

The artist says that when she turned 17, she started suffering depression and anxieties. That’s why she started drawing comics in order to restore herself. She loves to draw comics. At first, she uses herself as a character in her comics.Then, she made one comic using pigeon character and got so much success that she has currently family of 88.1k followers on her instagram account. Check out some of her beautiful illustrations in the following section.

Credit: Chuck Draws Things

More info: Instagram | Facebook | Website


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