20 Cat & Cat Comics Shows the World of Cats and Their Perspective on Humans

Get ready to enjoy another collection of new comics by Cat & […]

Get ready to enjoy another collection of new comics by Cat & Cat Comics. You have to click here and here to watch them if you missed reading them earlier. This is a delightful web comic series that explores the world through the eyes of cats. The talented artist, Susie Yi, created it. This delightful web comic series features a human named Suzy who can understand the inner thoughts of her two cats. Mickey and Minnie are their names.

This comic series follows Suzy and her cats in their daily activities, from wrestling with toilet paper rolls to demanding cuddles. She currently has a huge audience of 330,000 followers on her Instagram account. The representation of cat logic is humorous and sweet, and the humor comes from circumstances that any cat owner will recognize. If you are also a cat lover, then you must relate to the comics in the following section.

Credit: Cat & Cat Comics

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#1. Time to eat dinner

#2. Trick or Treaters

#3. Kill it


#4. Need to trim Claw

#5. Fix You Up

#6. Can you sit with me?


She said that after witnessing the cat’s behaviors throughout the years, the owners were very inspired by them and decided to create amusing, typically four-panel comics out of these events. Her love is telling stories in all shapes and sizes and across a variety of media. She highlights the daring adventures of two female companions as they encounter unusual challenges and go through magical worlds.

#7. Little Hungry

#8. Real Life is just fantasy

#9. That’s my cloud bed


#10. Searched High

Cat & Cat Comics is not just about laughter. She also depicts the strong bond between humans and cats. Scenes of snuggles, shared meals, and comforting behaviors showcase the deep love and companionship that cats can bring. She also has the official website for Cat & Cat Comics, featuring the latest strips, merchandise, and information about the series.

#11. Remove my Hairball

#12. Misconception About Cats


#13. Fluffier Pan Cakes

#14. Fortune Telling

#15. Go Away


#16. Dumb Questions

These mysterious female companions are portrayed with loving images and smart language. In the universe of her comics, animals and people interact in friendship. She. It is a lovely message that cats’ wonderful qualities are what make them such appreciated family members, even in spite of their mysterious nature. People who have had cats once in their lives must enjoy and share this blog with others.

#17. Snack Space in the blanket

#18. So Scared


#19. True Friends are hard to find

#20. The legend of red dot

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