20 Cat & Cat Comics Showcases the Hilarious Inner Lives of Cats

We’re here today to discuss an artist who creates cat-themed comics. Susie Yi is the name of the artist. She resides in California’s Orange County. She creates Cat & Cat Comics, a humorous, warm, and relatable comic book series about cats. She claimed that the owners had been very inspired by the cat after seeing its activities over the years and deciding to make humorous, mostly four-panel comics out of these situations.

She creates adorable stuff for her fans on Instagram, where she currently has 334,000 followers. This web comic follows the adventurous escapades of two feline friends as they travel through fantastical worlds and face quirky challenges. Her passion lies in storytelling of all forms, both short and long, in various formats. Look through the gallery below to see a few of her wonderful illustrations.

Credit: Cat & Cat Comics

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#1. Long Life

#2. Rough

#3. Do you believe in aliens?

#4. Snacks

#5. The super hunter of socks

#6. Don’t want it

This well-known web comic and graphic novel series explores the amusing behaviors, connections with people, and distinct furry thoughts of cats, showcasing their funny inner lives. It also highlights Nana and Milo, two cute cats that negotiate the worlds of humans and cats with heart and comedy. They are available on Facebook, Instagram, and Susie Yi’s website.

#7. Miss

#8. Painted

#9. Modeling

#10. Creative

#11. Parallel Universe

#12. Sleep

It captures these mysterious female companions with charming visuals and clever words. Her comics take place in a world where people and pets live in friendship. She. It serves as a sweet reminder that, despite their mystery, cats’ charming personalities are what make them such beloved family members. You can also delve into some of her previous posts on Boredcomics by clicking here and here.

#13. Deserve Love

#14. Powerful Spirit

#15. True Story

#16. Bathroom Support

#17. Who did this?

#18. President

#19. Cats Beds

#20. Crisis

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