20 C-Section Comics Perfectly Depict Hilarious Jokes to Make You laugh


You have seen many artists in the world of social media. One of them you will definitely know is C-Section Comics. The mastermind behind these comics is Idan Schneider. He is an Israeli cartoonist known for his witty and observational humor. He launched C-Section Comics in 2010, inspired by dark situations and clever jokes. His main focus is to capture clever punchlines in his comics to make people laugh out loud.

After eleven years of publication, C-Section Comics has probably humorously addressed every topic in his comics, from political satire to curious pop culture strips to serious societal issues. While some C-Section comics are simple and amusing, others have sarcasm and more aggressive themes. His Instagram account currently has 27,117 followers, which is an incredible audience. His best comics are included in the section below.

Credit: C-Section Comics

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#1. Math teacher


#2. Dating

#3. Movie


#4. Million dollar idea

#5. Table manners


#6. Whenever Facebook is Down

Ever since he could remember himself, he has been drawing. Though he’s written a few web comics in the past, his longest-running web comic is C-Section Comics. It doesn’t have an identifiable theme. He basically draws whatever absurd ideas or jokes come to mind. Dark humor, technology, geek comedy, existentialism, office humor, politics in programming, social issues, god, religion, and relationships are a few of the topics that come up regularly.

#7. Retirement


#8. Laughter

#9. Feminism


#10. Much better

#11. Skull difference


#12. party

#13. look like this


#14. Interested

#15. Meat


All things considered, C-Section Comics is a delightful web comic series that, because of its unique combination of straightforward yet powerful art and clever humor, offers a new perspective on everyday life. This web comic has something to offer everyone, whether you’re looking for a quick laugh or a relatable perspective on the human experience. We hope you all enjoy his comics. Just click this link to enjoy more comics.

#16. Time machine

#17. not a female


#18. Democratic Rights

#19. cooking


#20. say it

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