An Israeli Cartoonist Makes 20 Hilariously Random Comics Based on Pop Culture

C-Section Comics is a webcomic created by Israeli cartoonist Idan Schneider. The comic features standalone strips that are a few panels long and often come with a short poem about the premise and a bonus panel that extends the joke. The topics spoofed in the comics include pop culture, religion, politics, and life in general. The strips often utilize black comedy and can have lighthearted or darker undertones with a pinch of sarcasm. He has 27,000 Facebook followers.


C-Section Comics have been around for 11 years and cover a wide range of subjects, from serious social issues to political satire and geeky pop culture. The webcomic updates irregularly. One of the defining characteristics of C-Section Comics is its minimalist art style. The artwork typically consists of simple drawings with clean lines and minimal details. Despite their simplicity, the illustrations effectively convey the intended message, adding to the comic’s charm. His comics have been successful not only in entertaining readers but also in creating a sense of community around their content.

The humor in C-Section Comics is often observational and lighthearted, making it accessible to a broad audience. Many of the comics explore the quirks and idiosyncrasies of modern living, from the absurdities of social media to the joys and challenges of parenthood. Schneider has a talent for finding humor in the mundane aspects of everyday life, which allows readers to connect with the comics on a personal level. Overall, C-Section Comics is a delightful webcomic series that offers a fresh perspective on everyday life through its unique blend of simple yet impactful art and clever humor. Whether you’re looking for a quick laugh or a relatable insight into the human experience, this webcomic has something to offer everyone.

Credit: C-Section Comics

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#1. Scottish boyfriend

#2. Sticks and stones


#3. Sorting hat

#4. Historical figures


#5. Eighties action movies

#6. Rapunzel


#7. Alien invasion

#8. Meet your girlfriend’s dad


#9. The most insignificant person in the world

#10. Deadly virus


#11. God’s grand plan

#12. Rain rain go away


#13. Zeno’s paradox

#14. Lottery ticket


#15. Stay in the kitchen

#16. Tricky tony burn ginger jim


#17. Vacuous truth

#18. Dress for the job


#19. Hip replacement

#20. Hacks


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