By “Exploding Lobster Comics”, Here are the 20 Random and Relateable Comics

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At the very least, everyone wants a simple, uneventful existence. But have you ever thought about living a life without surprises? I don’t know about you, but I find this pretty boring. I’m aware that these twists and turns can be disappointing and depressing at times, but that doesn’t ridicule the fact that life is mostly beautiful.


Sometimes all it takes to turn that world upside down is reading a hilarious and relateable comic on the internet, which can be a joyful experience if you want it to be. That’s why we bring another good collection of comics for you. The artist name is “Clar Hart”. She is aqueer cartoonist bumbling around the West Coast, cat in tow. She make random and relatable comics for her fans.

She write comics about queer issues, mental health, and science fiction exploring both. By creating comics on such topics, she has 3,034 fans on her instagram account till now. You should keep scrolling if you want to see some of her best work since we bet you will enjoy it. So what are you still waiting for?

Credit: Exploding Lobster Comics

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