20 Buni Comics Shows the Hilarious Adventures of Bunny to Make Your Day Better

Buni Comics is a web comic series famous for its adorable art style with a surprisingly dark and twisty sense of humor. Ryan Pagelow is the artist behind this comic series. His comics always feature a character named Buni. He is a bunny who lives in a seemingly cute world filled with cupcakes, unicorns, and teddy bears. He updated comics every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on his Instagram account.


He’s a comedian who started in 2010. Ryan resides in Chicago with his wife, son, and daughter. His comics are mostly wordless, depending on the illustrations to tell the story. His inspiration comes from books, movies, video games, real-life experiences, or even other comic artists. He has 685,000 Instagram followers. If you want to make your day better, be sure to check out the next gallery.

Credit: Buni Comics

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#1. Hilarious

#2. Going Out


#3. Shell-shocked

#4. Motivation


#5. Such a disappointment

#6. Chips


Most of his life has been committed to making comic strips. A happy bunny who always seems to find himself in terrible, sometimes amusing situations is the main character in his comics. His comics don’t have any speech. Instead, the story is told through the artist’s expressive visuals. Buni is often seen interacting with animals, which makes his comics even more interesting and enjoyable.

#7. Roast in peace

#8. Turtle’s not jealous


#9. Spring

#10. It’s what he would have wanted


#11. How to stop an invading army

#12. Best Friends


#13. Side Kick

#14. Spring Tease


The author finds greater meaning in the seemingly small things in life, which provide inspiration for his writings. Through the pictures and comic strips, relevant characters and events are presented. Every day, the cartoonist posts amusing and lighthearted comic strips that highlight the pleasures and challenges of everyday living. If you want to enjoy more, then feel free to click here and here.

#15. Friends

#16. How to defeat a robot army


#17. tried to warn you

#18. Total eclipse of the heart


#19. Just what the doctor ordered

#20. Tea


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