20 Buni Comics Feature an Optimistic Bunny Who Continually Experiences Horrible Luck


The talented illustrator and graphic designer known only as “Ryan Pagelow” created Buni Comics. The author draws inspiration for his works from the little things in life that, although they go unnoticed, have deeper meanings. Characters and situations that resonate with the audience are relatable in the illustrations and comic strips. The cartoonist publishes comic strips every day that witty and lightheartedly depict the joys and struggles of ordinary life.

With over 696,000 followers on Instagram, Buni Comics has a sizable fan base and a reputation for delivering comics in a distinctive way. The comics are easy to understand and enjoy since they are drawn in a minimalist style using bright colors and simple lines. The daily adventures of “Buni,” the adorable and eccentric creature with floppy ears and a spherical body, are frequently the focus of the comics. You can check out some of his best comics in the following section. If you want to enjoy more, than feel free to click here and here.

Credit: Buni Comics

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#1. Body


#2. Christmas

#3. Retirement home for candy canes


#4. Gift Wrapped

#5. Pest Control


#6. Christmas Tree

Buni Comics is a darkly humorous webcomic about an optimistic bunny named Buni who always seems to have bad luck. Ryan Pagelow is the creator of the comic, which is updated on its own website on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Themes of adversity, resiliency, and finding humor in dire circumstances are frequently explored in his comics. The cartoonish aesthetic of the artwork is straightforward but emotive. The humor can be slapstick or ridiculous, but it’s usually dark and dry.

#7. Flu Season Again


#8. Special Delivery

#9. Thanks Giving


#10. Just Act Casual

#11. Tagged


#12. Artist

#13. Just Little Lipstick


When the artist was questioned about dialogue-free comics, he disclosed to Bored Comics that Buni lived in a world where Teddy Bears were the norm. Please refrain from asking why, please. That’s just sort of how it happened. I also had no intention of creating a dialogue comic. Since my very first comics were wordless, I continued to make silent comics after that. It became Buni’s thing at that moment. I hope you people will enjoy his comics.

#14. What goes around, comes around

#15. Never Give Up


#16. Happy Halloween

#17. Don’t summon the Dark Lord on spa day


#18. Feeding Time

#19. Upgrade


#20. Body Building

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