Bring the laughter with Monster Picnic to kill the stress of daily life (20 Comics)

The writer of comics tells the story through words, which the artist then turns into pictures. The writer is the visionary of the team, creating the basic world, characters, and plot. They produce the scripts that the comic pictures artists and colorists use to create the art. Comic writing requires a lot more than just talent, the ability to work well on a team is a necessary skill.

A comic writer needs many skills to be successful such as; Good communication skills, a visionary mind, a strong grasp of grammar, a Flexible attitude, and Professional behavior.

The monster picnic is a comic story illustrating the monster inside a person who often goes on a picnic. An acknowledgment of using the same joke, about four years later, when the similarity was pointed out. From “Monster Picnic” in June 2021 (hat tip to Why Evolution Is True blog in 2022 where I saw it):

Monster picnic is one of the most famous comic groups that amuses and inspires people. This comic is about the monster inside us which is a simile for any monster who goes out for a picnic and disturbs every other person. This amuses the people and the monster asked questions on questions and makes people irritated as well as laugh.

These monster friends live together in the house, and travel together. This tells us about the adventures with friends while on picnics.

The monster picnic creates many Updated comics that tell a new story every time different and more interesting than the previous one. These comics are so refreshing for a disturbed and stressed person. A person can check these comics to divert his mind for good.

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