20 Breakfast Club Comics Where Humor and Food Puns Collide


Hey there, hungry wanderer! Are you ready for a delightful scroll through the world of Breakfast Club Comics? If your stomach rumbles at the thought of food and laughter, you’re in for a treat cooked up by the talented artist, Brooke Karras. Cute illustrations that feature your favorite breakfast buddies—fruits, veggies, and all things delicious—serve up a platter of humor. That’s precisely what you’ll find in Brooke’s quirky and tasty comic series.

Curious how this magical breakfast feast came to be? Picture Brooke sitting over a morning meal with her mom, chatting about her daily drawing challenge. As they sipped their coffee and nibbled on toast, the spark of inspiration struck! They realized that food puns were the secret ingredient for endless fun. And voila! Breakfast Club Comics was born during that cozy breakfast chat. You can also read his previous posts on Bored Comics by clicking here.

Credit: Breakfast Club Comics

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#1. Popped


#2. So Cheesy

#3. Leave me alone


#4. Making me cry

#5. Lemon Aid


Now, let’s talk numbers—86,600 Instagram followers! Yep, that’s the Breakfast Club Comics family, all eagerly awaiting their daily dose of food-filled giggles. It’s not just a comic series; it’s a community united by their love for tasty humor and adorable illustrations. As you flip through Brooke’s comics, you’ll encounter a world where pancakes crack jokes, avocados take center stage, and donuts have their pun on point. Each illustration is a burst of color and creativity, serving up smiles alongside your morning cup of coffee.

#6. Such a Sap

#7. What happened?


#8. Get Heated

#9. Must Admit


#10. Pie

#11. Kidding


#12. Leaders

What makes Brooke’s comics so special isn’t just the witty puns or the adorable characters; it’s the warmth and joy that seep through every panel. It’s like a breakfast buffet for your soul—nourishing and delightful in every way. So, dear reader, if you’re in need of a breakfast for your eyes and a chuckle for your soul, grab a seat at the Breakfast Club Comics table. Get ready to dive into a world where humor and food collide, leaving you with a belly full of laughter and a heart warmed by the joy of delicious creativity.

#13. Relationship


#14. Glad to see

#15. Love


#16. Carrot

#17. Nuts


Lastly, Brooke gave some advice for everyone considering becoming a comic artist: “Just start. The initial step is the most challenging. Enjoy the process, ignore negative comments, and create for yourself. If your work brings joy to others, consider it a bonus.”

#18. Peach Face

#19. Vegetarian


#20. Sweep

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