20 Boo & Berry Comics Shows the Everyday Moments of an Adorable Couple

Couple comics are so popular because everyone who’s been in a relationship can recognize themselves in these scenarios. Most couple comics ultimately portray the love and affection between the couple. These comics are mostly based on a cartoony style, which can make even the most seemingly funny situations seem funny. This is what the Instagram account Boo & Berry Comics creates for people all around the world.


Though she has only been drawing her romance comics for a few months, she claims that they are obviously based on real-life incidents. You can definitely agree with some of the scenarios and typical problems that the female artist Maylea depicts if you are in a committed relationship. If you’re a little lonely, then you must watch her comics in the next section. They will inspire you to go out and find your special someone.

Credit: Boo & Berry Comics

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#1. Halloween Costume

#2. So relatable


#3. Coming

#4. Interview Questions


#5. Looks like Berry can master only the sleeping pose

#6. Relationship Advice


She mentioned that, although she works for a design company, she is unable to draw what she desires. In the company, they ask her to illustrate products for customers. However, she only wants to draw relatable comics as a hobby and a means to document the lives of a lovely couple. However, the drawings she shares on Instagram are the ones she truly wishes she could draw.

#7. A trimmed and tidy beard is what keeps Boo happy

#8. Berry is Boo’s personalized Trash Can


#9. Always Forget

#10. Looks So Perfect


#11. Cute Couple

#12. Favorite Fruit


#13. That’s one way to get Berry’s attention and make him do what Boo wants

#14. Washroom


#15. Watching Netflix

She claims that her life gave her the idea for her loving and humorous comics. She spends a lot of time with her lover. At times, people find it difficult to express themselves. She likes to use drawings to express her ideas, for this reason. Her comics are always centered on the cute things she does with her lover. Her comics are undoubtedly enjoyable if you are in a relationship or have ever been in one.

#16. Find someone who can make your day better like Berry does for Boo


#17.  late night conversations

#18. Just another day at work for Boo


#19. Let her Sleep

#20. Stealing


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