20 Dark Comics by Bogart Creek Where Absurd Situations Meet the Macabre

Step into the quirky and twisted world of Bogart Creek, where the boundaries of humor are pushed to unexpected and delightfully uncomfortable extremes. Created by the talented Derek Evernden, this series of single-panel comics is a rollercoaster ride through a town where normalcy takes a backseat and the bizarre thrives.

Nestled within the pages of Bogart Creek are stories that fuse the absurd with the macabre, expertly crafted to evoke laughter tinged with a touch of unease. Evernden’s imaginative prowess paints a vivid picture of a fictional town that defies logic—a place aptly named Bogart Creek, where the mantra is “anything is possible.”

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#1. Click!

#2. Happy Halloween

#3. Dark

#4. Shit

#5. Sweet

#6. Desert Island

With an impressive following of 20,600 on Instagram, Bogart Creek has carved its niche with its dark and offbeat humor. The panels often feature a motley crew of characters ranging from killer clowns to sardonic predators and cunning psychopaths. This diverse ensemble, comprising humans, animals, and even inanimate objects, embarks on journeys that lead to unexpected destinations, each culminating in a darkly humorous twist.

#7. Damn it

#8. Wild Things

#9. Jaws

#10. Mystery

#11. Sushi Time

What sets these comics apart is their knack for transforming mundane occurrences into twisted, comedic masterpieces. Evernden’s storytelling prowess lies in exploring the unconventional and the unexpected, infusing each panel with irony and wit that leave readers in stitches.

#12. That’s Hilarious

#13. Armor

#14. Are you crying?

#15. Got it

#16. Worth a Shot

#17. Mother Nature

If you have a penchant for dark and absurd humor, Bogart Creek is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. It offers a fresh and distinctive take on the single-panel comic format, promising an experience that will have you laughing out loud while embracing the discomfort of the unexpected. Dive into this world, and be prepared for an adventure that challenges your sense of humor in the most delightful way possible. Bogart Creek beckons, inviting you to join its peculiar inhabitants on their uproarious escapades.

#18. Good Game

#19. Spit Ball

#20. Surprise

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