Artist Bob Kehl Loves To Draw Anything That Is Fantasy (20 Pics)

As a child, so many cartoon series came across to us. Most […]

As a child, so many cartoon series came across to us. Most of them are still fresh in our memory. They are like a hero for us. But over time things changed and we moved towards professional life. But we can’t deny the fact that those cartoon characters made our childhood memorable.

But the fantasy cartoon series with adventures left a special mark on our hearts. Every child loves to watch adventures and I am one of them. We used to watch animated movies. The best thing to describe our childhood is, that we lived those moments, that’s the reason we can’t forget that special time.

Bob Kehl is an illustrator mostly known for his work in fantasy genres. He lives in South Florida. Bob loves to draw anything that is fantasy. That’s why he’s special. Over time, Bob fell in love with the lives of pirates, oceans, dwarves, and other things like that. That’s what motivated him to jump into this field.

Bob draws amazing illustrations and mostly features pirates in his artwork. This does not just end here. To make his illustrations even more special, he also adds personal information about all the characters he creates in descriptions of his Instagram posts. People love his creative ideas.

We have put together some of his posts that earned him popularity across the globe. Scroll down and have a look at his most appreciated artwork. Don’t forget to mention your favorite character in the comments below.

cREDIT: Image Source : Bob Kehl






Image Source : Bob Kehl


Image Source : Bob Kehl

Bob is a freelancer illustrator. He’s been active in this field for past 12 years. Most of his work is either for personal commission or book covers with personal illustration. He has Instagram account where he posts all the stuff he creates. He’s been able to gather 38K Instagram followers. The numbers are still counting.


Image Source : Bob Kehl








Image Source : Bob Kehl

In case you admire his work, leave your feedback in the comments below.



Image Source : Bob Kehl









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