20 Bevs Comics about Relationships and Mental Health Will Make Your Day Better

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Exploring the world of webcomics, one can find a treasure trove of relatable stories that touch on the intricacies of relationships and the delicate terrain of mental health. These comics, with their unique blend of humor and heartfelt insight, have the remarkable ability to brighten your day and offer moments of reflection. In a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming, comics about relationships and mental health serve as a source of solace. It reminds us that even in our most vulnerable moments, there’s room for hope.


Bevs Comics is the Instagram account of Krysten Bevilaqua, who is a cartoonist, comic artist, and animator. The Instagram account features small comics about relationships, mental health, and other topics. The comics are short, slice-of-life stories that often deal with themes of relationships, mental health, and everyday life. Bevilaqua’s comics are known for their simple but expressive art style and their relatable and often humorous content. Her illustrations often feature endearing characters who navigate the intricate web of relationships and emotions.

Bevilaqua began creating Bevs Comics in 2018 as a way to improve her writing and illustration skills. She quickly gained a following of 172,000 on Instagram, and her comics have now been featured in various publications. Her comics are both funny and heartwarming, and they offer a unique and insightful perspective on the everyday. Whether it’s romantic love, familial bonds, or friendships, the artist delves into the dynamics of human connections with grace and authenticity. Through their comics, readers can see reflections of their own experiences, reminding them of the beauty and complexity of human relationships.

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Credit: Bevs Comics

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#1. Tried to Relax

image 153

#2. Scary Movie

image 154

#3. Travel Time

image 155

#4. The water is great!

image 156

#5. Intrusive Thoughts

image 157

#6. Misunderstandings

image 158

#7. Take Care

image 159

#8. Barbie Movie

image 160

#9. Don’t Worry

image 161

#10. Cuddling

image 162
image 163

#11. Being Mad

image 164

#12. Overly Optimistic

image 165

#13. Internalized

image 166

#14. Time to Get a Tan

image 167
image 168

#15. Platform Down

image 169

#16. Drooling

image 170

#17. So Cute

image 171

#18. Love You More

image 172

#19. Flying Alone

image 173

#20. Pride Month

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