20 Bearly Relatable Comics That Will Surely Be Enjoyed by Everyone


We’re here today to discuss a brand-new web comic that you may not be familiar with. Let me present to you Bearly Reltable Comics, a humorous web comic. Jake Trusheim is a well-known Instagram artist who made this web comic. It was started by him a few years ago. The creator was diagnosed with mental health issues. Her therapist advised him to attempt to stay busy in order to manage his feelings of hopelessness.

For this, he thinks he should start making comics because he loves to draw. He says everything he watched in his childhood seemed to have animals as the main characters. That’s why he uses enimal characters in his comics. He says making comics is the best way to connect with others out there who have also been going through this for too long. Let’s check out some of his best comics.

Credit: Bearly Relatable Comics

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#1. Cool Snow Man


#2. Snow Storm

#3. Donations


#4. too big

#5. saving the day


#6. Regretting

The comic’s creator claims that it takes him a few hours to create each one. For him, the hardest part is finding a clever punchline and hidden jokes. Before he uploads the comic, he often makes last-minute changes and tries out multiple versions. He uses this method to make hilarious comics for his real fans.

#7. letters to santa


#8. pillow fight

#9. last slice


#10. Splat

#11. Not cool whip


#12. waiting for inspiration

#13. what are you making?


#14. picture day

The majority of his ideas are directly inspired by events in his life. While browsing social media or watching TV, the remaining ideas usually come to mind. He writes down ideas that connect with him to see whether they might be developed into a comic book in the future. Please remember to click the share button if you find his comics interesting.

#15. online


#16. Why does this hurt so much?

#17. finish your homework


#18. relaxation

#19. make a wish


#20. mess

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