20 Barely Baked Beans Comics Based on Hilarious Jokes and Endings


We’re back today with more hilarious comics for you to enjoy. The wait is over if you’re anxious and want to read some of the best comics. Let me introduce you to Barely Baked Beans, an Instagram account. Daniel Matheson is the creative genius behind this comic strip. He’s just a regular guy who enjoys making fun of and sharing through his comics the funny and amusing aspects of daily life that he often observes.

He created animations to launch his career. However, he claims that animation requires a unique combination of abilities and resources, which can be overwhelming at first. Though there has been a lengthy process of learning, it is more time-consuming and complex than making comics, but it has allowed him to include more depth, movement, and connectivity in his skills. That’s the reason he began drawing comics. Let’s explore his best comics.

Credit: Barely Baked Beans

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#1. Breeding Experiment


#2. Emotional Pain

#3. Mighty God


#4. Store vs Bar

#5. Needed more vitamin


#6. Drunk

On Instagram, he currently has 1,310 followers, and that number is constantly rising. The main reason he does not have enough followers is that he does not make comics on a regular basis. He creates comics for some time, then takes a break for certain days. This non-consistency led him to not have enough followers on social media platforms.

#7. Just farted


#8. Power Nap

#9. Bald Guy


#10. Broke up

#11. Noise


#12. So cool

#13. Strange Animals


#14. No reason

According to him, humor is about creating a situation rather than just delivering punchlines. It’s about taking something common and making it seem outstanding, causing viewers to laugh, twist their heads, and maybe even consider the deeper meaning of it all. And this artist is perfect at doing so through his fabulous comics. You can also check out some of his best comics by clicking here.

#15. Pasta was good


#16. Dentist

#17. Bloody Hell


#18. Smell

#19. Publishing


#20. Normal Sized

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