20 Offbeat Comics feature a unique sense of humor and weirdness

Studies have shown that humor can enhance brain connectivity. Different brain regions are activated when processing humor, resulting in improved communication between these regions. Humor often involves seeing situations from different perspectives. It can enhance empathy by helping us understand the experiences and viewpoints of others, even in difficult or delicate situations.


Creativity often thrives in a humorous environment. Funny situations and playful thinking can lead to innovative ideas and insights. The ability to see connections between seemingly unrelated concepts is a hallmark of humor. When we share a laugh with others, it creates a sense of connection and belonging. Our brains are wired to seek social interactions, and humor plays a significant role in this process.

Credit: Barely Baked Beans

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#1. Real Jobs

#2. Fish Stick


#3. Getting an upgrade

#4. This is good advice


#5. Not complaining

Barely Baked Beans is not your typical webcomic or animation channel. It’s a digital space where weirdness reigns supreme, and its unique sense of humor captivates and bewilders in equal measure. As of October 2023, “Barely Baked Beans” has amassed 1,236 followers on its Instagram account, and the numbers continue to climb steadily. What sets this creative endeavor apart from the rest is its unapologetic embrace of quirkiness, its penchant for the offbeat, and a sense of humor that often ventures into the delightfully absurd.

#6. Human specimen


#7. New show

#8. Someone left the door open


#9. This is awkward

#10. Getting raptured


The moment you step into the “Barely Baked Beans” universe, you’ll find yourself on a surreal journey where the laws of reality take a backseat and the imagination runs wild. This webcomic and animation channel thrives on subverting expectations, offering a humorous escape from the mundane. The characters that populate these comics and animations are anything but ordinary. They’re endearingly peculiar, and their eccentricities are the heart and soul of the content.

#11. Not sure about the breed

#12. It’s me


#13. Treatment

#14. Go fast


#15. You are wrong

#16. So fake


The humor is not just about delivering punchlines; it’s about creating an experience. It’s about taking the ordinary and turning it on its head, inviting viewers to laugh, scratch their heads, and perhaps even ponder the meaning of it all. For its growing community of followers, “Barely Baked Beans” is more than just a webcomic and animation channel. It’s a source of amusement, a journey into the delightfully weird, and a testament to the power of embracing the peculiar.

#17. Interpretative dance

#18. Keep the old memories


#19. The life cycle of soap bar

#20. We have a test


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