Artist Transforms 20 Animals Into Anime-Like Characters While Keeping Their Features

Animals and animation have much more in common than the Latin root “anima”. All animals have unique characteristics, just like anime characters or any other type of animation. Naturally, one begins to wonder what animals would look like if they were transformed into animated characters. A Korean artist named Nitro, who goes by the alias of byeongju. On Instagram, he satisfies this curiosity by merging the two and showing interesting results.


Nitro recently made a series of illustrations that attempt to depict domestic and wild animals such as big cats, dogs, birds, and others as original characters that you would expect to see in animation. It is not difficult to imagine that the most difficult thing is to transform it into a new style while keeping the unique characteristics intact. Whether he was successful or not, we leave it for you to judge, but in our eyes, he did a fantastic job.

If they were part of a real anime series, where would they fit in? Or maybe one would create a new anime series that includes them all? In any case, the characters are very attractive and there is a good reason why: the artist is a master at creating unique characters from scratch. He doesn’t believe it? Take a look at the artist’s Instagram and see for yourself.

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There is an unexpected benefit to Nitro’s work that we think you did not consider. Their OCs (original characters) raise awareness about certain species of wildlife that are in danger of extinction. For example, black leopards are rapidly losing their territory, and northern bald ibises, which are native to Syria, have disappeared from the wild due to hunting and habitat degradation. Cheetahs, East African lions, Damascus goats, macaroni penguins, and crested black macaques, among other species found in this post, are also critically endangered, some of them even critically.




Although Japanese-style animation (anime) and classic Western animation have a lot in common, there are also a few key differences. For one thing, classic Western animation focuses more on character movement, while anime pays more attention to character and background design. The Western type of animation came to prominence a little earlier, in the early 1900s, with Walt Disney cartoons being the most notable. Japanese-style animation was born around 1960 thanks to the creative efforts of Osamu Tezuka. The most common way that people differentiate these styles is by the way the eyes are drawn.



























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