Artist Jenny Jinya New Comic made You smile and cry simultaneously

Recently Jenny Publish New comics ON his Instagram. It did make me […]

Recently Jenny Publish New comics ON his Instagram. It did make me smile. Sweet reaper pup and kitty. To be honest, even your tragic and heartbreaking work makes me smile. (Not right away…I’m too busy crying at first.) But I am glad that you make these comics to highlight animal cruelty, pain/loss, and even love. Please keep making them!

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Oh my goodness! You made me laugh and ugly cry at the same time because my lovely girls used to love chasing anything with wings. Stalk, wiggle butt, and pounce! The cat we have now loved to play with all things string and will ferociously hunt flies and moths. Sometimes, I’ll still feel soft, silky fur winding around my ankles, but Sahara is nowhere close to me; it’s like Precious and Silver are asking “We did good, right, bringing you this one to love?” And I always think “Yes, ladies, you did well. Sahara needed us just as much as we needed her”.


THANK you Jenny!!! Your illustrations are some of the most AMAZING and uplifting to my soul and so many others, even though sometimes the full on hard tears can be blinding. This was SO CUTEand SO TRUE!!!! the ambition of Pup and the aloofness of Kitty were ahem, “dead on”. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your gift with us!! ❤!!!!


You made my day, I really LOVE your stories and I’m crying every single time, but today I was smiling and I hope my cat who passed away 4 years ago will now be hunting all these little animals she loved to see and hunt (even she didn’t catch and kill them).Thank you so much ?❤️



I love your work even though I do cry, they’re a way for me to grieve my own sweet pets, I still smile because I can remember the good times we had together. This was precious and it did make me smile too

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