Artist Jenny jinya imagines the life of a lion on a facility that forces the king of the jungle to perform.

Freelance illustrator and comic Jenny Jenny collected the following. He has 400K followers on Facebook and 330K followers on Instagram alone, and his good boy and black cat strips are the best reasons. “Not only has Jenny jinya maked great characters and interesting narratives, but her tragic stories also highlight the serious issues facing both pets and wild animals in today’s world. abandonment”. Habitat destruction and pollution.

Her latest black comedy is about animal abuse in a circus. Jenny imagines the life of a lion on a facility that forces the king of the jungle to perform. Once again, he did a great job showing how cruel we can be to the creatures with whom we share the earth.

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The artist is all about focusing on animal rights – for those who don’t have a voice of their own but, unfortunately, some people get a very different message. It is necessary to re-discuss its contents carelessly with both its subjects and individuals. The problem is that many do not share their complete humor, let alone individual pages. They also often leave the last page where I explain the problem and share links for more information or donations. Some people look again and do not understand the message. He thinks that I am only happy to take pictures of abusive animals.

Jenny even started receiving hate mail. They don’t know I’m trying to raise funds for education. But it’s not their fault and most of all I can tell them what my jokes are.

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