Artist inserts the legendary grumpy cat in Disney movies and the result is funny (13 photos)


Although there are many cats on the internet, there are some as memorable and shocking as Grumpy Cat, the internet phenomenon that dominated the internet with its hilarious disdain in 2012 and onwards. Sadly, the cat left us in May 2019 and was mourned not only by her family but apparently all over the internet.


To appreciate the memory of her not so bright but more pessimistic, here is a post about her being illustrated as one of the characters in famous Disney movies. What do the positives of Disney have to do with the negatives of Grumpy Cat? Apparently not much, but it turns out they go perfectly together like salt and pepper or yin and yang. Grumpy Cat was such a powerful personality that she could have changed the course of Disney movies, which are usually very positive, in an instant, and these drawings by Tsaoshin (Eric Proctor) illustrate that perfectly.

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#1 Someday My No Will Come


#2 Bella No



Most have seen Grumpy Cat, but not many know her. Salsa Tardar, A.K.A. Grumpy Cat, only lived 7 years from 2012 to 2019. She was born to a litter of four kittens to a calico mother and a blue and white tabby father. Her face looks grumpy because she has a feline form of dwarfism. Although the mother and father were short hairs of normal size, Tardar was too small and had quirky hind legs. She had a brother, Pokey, who also had unique characteristics like her.

#3 Circle Of No


#4 Let It Noa


#5 When Will My No Begin



Despite his appearance, he behaved as a normal cat would. Or she did until she rose to internet fame when Bryan Bundesen, the owner’s brother, posted a photo of her on Reddit in September 2012. Tons of people started creating parodies of her and she became a well-known internet phenomenon. as Grumpy Cat. The general bad mood, pessimism, and negativity were inseparably associated with the Tardar sauce.

#6 Part Of Your No


#7 When You Wish Upon A No


#8 Evil Has A Beginning…



Fame completely transformed not only the lives of those who fell asleep with the funny meme but also those of their owners. Ben Lashes, famous for managing memes like Keyboard Cat and Nyan cat, began to represent her. Tabitha Bundesen left her job at Red Lobster to manage Grumpy Cat’s schedule, while her brother Bryan Bundesen managed the Grumpy Cat website, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter accounts.

#9 Are You Satisfied With Your Care?


#10 A Whole New No


#11 Tale As Old As No



#12 He Mele NO Lilo


#13 Colors Of The No




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