20 Times A Muslim Girl Creates Comics About Her Everyday Life Experience

Anchelantchi is the Instagram account of a Muslim girl who creates comics about her everyday life experiences. The brilliant mind behind this comic series does not reveal her name, but she describes herself as a part-time artist and a full-time dropout. She is the artist who makes comics on themes like mental health, self-improvement, Islamic reminders, and just funny moments.

She says that even though the cultural background might be different, everyday experiences like friendships, family interactions, school struggles, or social awkwardness are universal. Her comics are always amusing to everyone, and they wait for her new comics. Due to this, she has 6,715 followers on her Instagram account now. You can check out some of her best comics in the following section.

Credit: anchelantchi

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#1. The Past

#2. Two Moods

#3. Influence


#4. Unhealthy

#5. Mindful Moderation

#6. Relatable


Her first professional path was not in comics. In reality, she declared Islamic studies as her major before leaving college. But in the end, she became a teacher and began drawing illustrations for her followers. She regularly came across assumptions and misconceptions because she was a clearly Muslim woman. These meetings must have made her feel silent and frustrated.

#7. Fire

#8. Tutorial

#9. Wake Up Early


#10. Ridiculous

#11. Facts

#12. Patience


#13. Just a Day

#14. Diet

Basically, she creates comics based on funny situations to highlight the challenges or joys of everyday life as a Muslim girl. Her comics are a great medium for combining humor and heartfelt moments. Hopefully, you people can relate to her comics. For more of this type of fabulous content, you can visit our website on a daily basis. Have a great time.

#15. Weight


#16. Nights

#17. Clothes

#18. Money


#19. Sun

#20. Problems

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