20 Surreal illustrations Full of Twists and Dark Humor by Alex Gamsu Jenkins

Surreal illustrations, brimming with twists and dark humor, transport viewers into a realm where reality bends and the unexpected reigns supreme. These captivating artworks defy conventional logic, merging disparate elements in extraordinary ways. In this whimsical and thought-provoking universe, gravity becomes an afterthought and everyday objects take on extraordinary qualities. Meet Alex Gamsu Jenkins, who is an illustrator, cartoonist, and animator from South London.

He has been creating comics and illustrations for the past six years since graduating in 2015. Alex’s work involves dark humor and surrealism, and he has been featured in various publications. He works freelance, but for animation, he is under the Greenhouse banner, which is part of Strange Beast/Passion, an animation studio in London. Alex’s comics are presented weekly by Adult Swim for viewers’ pleasure. Alex’s work is known for its unique style and dark humor. He has 592,000 Instagram followers.

His comics and illustrations often feature surreal and absurd situations that are both humorous and thought-provoking. His work has been featured in various publications, and he has gained a following for his unique style and approach to comics and illustration. Alex’s work is a great example of how an artist can use humor and surrealism to create thought-provoking and engaging content. If you’re a fan of dark humor and surrealism, Alex Gamsu Jenkins is definitely an artist worth checking out. Whether you’re a fan of comics, illustration, or animation, Alex’s work is sure to inspire and entertain.

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Credit: Alex Gamsu Jenkins

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#1. High heels

#2. Deep

#3. Crying

#4. Love react

#5. Close loop

#6. When the moment of clarity hits

#7. Horror

#8. Anyone who has experienced?

#9. Got it

#10. Unrealistic beauty standards

#11. Thriller

#12. Worms

#13. That’s how it works

#14. Fighting online be like

#15. Mirror

#16. Hate generates hate

#17. This is what happens when you quit

#18. Imaginary friend

#19. Airline food

#20. Electrocuted

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