20 Dark and Strange Arts Full of Twists by Cartoonist Alex Gamsu Jenkins

In this age of social media and international networks, artists have more and more space and opportunities to display their skills and their works. Thousands of artists who operate in various sectors and genres can be located on multiple platforms with just a few mouse clicks. Being happy and upbeat all the time is impossible. Each of us is different, so one of us is sure to have a darker sense of humor than the rest.

Here’s a new cartoonist I’d like to introduce to you. Gamsu Jenkins, also known as Alex, He is a cartoonist who has always enjoyed creating comic books. The works of the illustrator have appeared in a number of well-known periodicals and newspapers, including Vice, the New York Times, and the BBC. His drawings are a little uncommon and distinctive from those of other illustrators since he uses fantastical creatures and scenarios to convey satire and humor.

He has a wonderful sense of humor. Through his dark comics, he has acquired approximately 599,000 followers on Instagram. Dark comedy and unexpected turns can be found in Alex’s comics, which we think you’ll find just as fascinating as we did. “Exploring sarcastic and critical subject matter through a distinctive and vivid style,” the artist writes of his comics. View some of Alex’s colorful and fascinating illustrations by scrolling down.

Credit: Alex Gamsu Jenkins

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