20 Comics by Artist “Adam Ellis” Who has 1.6 Million Followers on Instagram

Adam Ellis, also known as Adamtots, is a New York City resident who works as a designer, illustrator, and novelist. His comics are honest and frank, frequently touching on subjects that many people may be able to relate to, and he has a devoted Instagram following. He once engaged in a discussion regarding his drawing style with a number of users online. He keeps a consistent tone of light ridiculousness, which never fails to make his readers laugh. His cartoons are known for their amusing and lovable line drawings that are straightforward but brilliant.

He injects humor into his comics, making our regular, everyday lives seem less dull and boring. One of the things that distinguishes Adamtots from other Instagram artists is their ability to tackle difficult themes in a way that is approachable and relevant. They frequently utilize their illustrations to promote self-care and self-love, and mental health is a recurring issue in their work. Their artwork serves as a reminder that it’s alright to feel bad and that it’s critical to take care of oneself both psychologically and physically.

Adamtots is noted for their pop culture-inspired illustrations in addition to their mental health-focused work. They frequently make art based on famous films, television shows, and music, with a particular emphasis on queer representation. Their art embraces diversity and inclusion, and they frequently use their platform to bring attention to vital issues affecting disadvantaged communities. Whether you like Adamtots’ mental health-themed work, pop culture-inspired art, or novels, there’s no disputing that he’s a great artist with a lot to offer. In the following part, you can see some of his best illustrations.

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Credit: Adamtots

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#1. Tell me about it

#2. Over the years

#3. Get dressed!

#4. Explore each other’s bodies

#5. You can’t trigger me

#6. The worst tattoos

#7. Am i gay?

#8. Different skills

#9. My last brain cell

#10. Goodnight sweetie

#11. I am so excited

#12. The gays

#13. Real artist

#14. Comparison of brands

#15. Use face wash

#16. Gonna fail the class

#17. Student loans

#18. I am pregnant

#19. Then do it

#20. The princess and the frog

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