Adamtots Comic Artist Has Over 3 Million Followers On Instagram, Here Are His 25 Funny Comics

His Comics is everywhere and hardly a day goes by without his art standing on our feeds. And if you haven’t seen a cartoon of it on social media, you have to apologize because we just have to ask if you really have an internet connection or if you’re living under a rock like Patrick Starr. . Of course we are talking about the dear cartoonist Adam Ellis.

Earlier, Adam, a member of Team Over at BuzzFeed, returned in 2018 to focus on his career as a digital artist. His humorous comics pay close attention to every subject known as humanity, while his insight into current social issues is far superior to ours.

Dear Users, We have collected the latest and greatest new cartoons for you all, so scroll down and let us know which of Adam’s creations you like through the break.

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However, despite its tremendous success, the art of digital cartoonist is not for everyone. For his artistic work and style, Adamtots came to the place of ‘controversy‘ with some of his fans. In particular, some Internet users criticized Adam for copying and pasting from his former comics when he created his new one.

He has been accused of everything from inactive characters and “less effort” to making unusual jokes. However, Adam keeps drawing without paying attention to the critics. However, once you reach the heights of Adam, many of them will be bound, just as a ton of advertising fans here support you.






























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New Comics Of Adam Ellis

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