20 Times Cartoonist Alan Shows Her Weird Life With Her Partner

A Slice of Alan is a web comic created by artist Texas Alan. This web comic is based around a character named Alan and his everyday life, which is depicted in a humorous and often relatable way. He uses humor to capture the awkward moments and strange encounters we all face. While the situations can be bizarre, most of the humor comes from Alan’s relatable reactions and thought processes.


According to his bio, he makes comics about whatever dumb idea occurs to him. His comics are funny and relevant because they usually showcase ordinary situations that have been twisted in some way. He gained an audience of 37,800 followers on Instagram by making comics about these subjects. The following section contains some of his best comics.

Credit: A Slice Of Alan

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#1. So true


#2. To eat you


#3. Wrist Support

#4. Surprise


#5. Horny

#6. Lunch Time


This web comic is known for its dark and absurdist humor. It takes a weird look at Alan’s life mishaps and finds humor in the awkward and bizarre situations. Despite the dark humor, his comics are mostly based on relatable themes like social anxieties, existential dread, and the general weirdness of life.

#7. Come Out

#8. Art Class


#9. Look Babe

#10. Spider


#11. Wrestling Moves


#12. Pinky Up 

#13. Finally Bend


#14. Melons

In his comics, Alan is a character with big eyes and funny expressions. He mostly does silly things. While his partner also looks like a funny character, he mostly goes along with his partner to do weird things because both are of the same nature. If you love to read this blog, then don’t forget to hit the share button. For more of his earlier posts on our website, simply click here And Here.

#15. Stressed out


#16. Cosplay

#17. Sea Water


#18. Bells

#19. Pollenate


#20. Squats

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