20 Slice of Alan Comics Features Weird and Hilarious Situations

Alan Henderson is the creator of the webcomic series A Slice of Alan. The comics cover a wide range of subjects, such as pop culture, relationships, and working life, and they frequently involve weird and hilarious scenarios. He is a Filipino comic strip artist. For fun, he began creating comics for his coworkers, and when they responded well, he decided to publish them online. His comics became very popular, and he currently has over 33,200 Instagram followers.

Alan’s comics are well-known for their humorous and relatable slice-of-life humor. He frequently draws from his personal experiences to make comics that readers can relate to. The comedic element of his work stems from the everyday interactions and situations that make up our daily lives. Additionally, Alan often incorporates a dark sense of humor into his works. If you’re looking for humorous and relatable comics, you should definitely check out his comics.

Credit: A Slice of Alan Comics

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#1. Broken Glass

#2. I deserve this

#3. Mummy’s Tomb

#4. Menu

#5. Spicy Thing

#6. Coochie Monster

His comic features humorous and often surreal situations, often with a focus on internet memes. His comics, also based on his own life experiences, relationships, and observations about the world, make them feel genuine and down-to-earth. He always tries his best to make his audience laugh by capturing weird and hilarious situations.

#7. Lake Finds

#8. Calf Raises

#9. My Gift

#10. Tall Girls

#11. Anime Roleplay

#12. Shower

#13. Stealing

#14. Magic

A slice of Alan has been praised for its clever jokes, relatable characters, and heartwarming message. The simple art style is perfect for the comics’ humor, and the expressive characters make them even more relatable. If you’re looking for a funny and heartwarming web comic to read, you can do so by simply clicking here and here.

#15. Gift

#16. New Belt

#17. Enough Games

#18. Grimace Shake

#19. Shadows

#20. The Dream

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