Exploring the World of Weird and Unconventional Comics Based on Quirky Situations (20 Pics)


Step into the realm of weird comics, where reality takes a curious twist and imagination knows no bounds. These aren’t your typical superhero adventures or everyday stories. No, these comics delve into the bizarre, the surreal, and the downright unusual. Picture this: strange characters, mind-bending scenarios, and narratives that defy expectations. That’s the essence of weird comics, a fascinating niche within the world of comic books and graphic novels.

Meet Texan Alan, an artist carving his path in the Instagram universe with an impressive following for his distinct brand of comic illustrations. With over 31,800 avid followers, Texan Alan has captivated audiences with his webcomic series titled “A Slice of Alan.” What sets his creations apart is their blend of surrealism, absurdity, and a touch of dark humor. In a landscape where everyone strives to stand out, Texan Alan’s work truly shines.

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Credit: A Slice Of Alan

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#1. Christmas


#2. Outfits

#3. Venom


#4. Leave Santa

#5. Christmas


“I create comics,” reads his bio. “Whatever stupid thing comes to mind generally works.” This casual statement encapsulates the essence of his art. His comics often take mundane situations and add a twist, resulting in relatable yet hilariously altered scenarios. The beauty of weird comics lies in their ability to challenge norms and stretch the boundaries of storytelling. Within this genre, there’s a spectrum that includes elements of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and humor. Some delve deep into existential themes or explore the darker facets of human nature, while others simply revel in silliness and absurdity.

#6. Change Something

#7. Frosto


#8. Eye Patch

#9. Go Away


#10. Next Year

Texan Alan’s illustrations embody this diversity, weaving through the mundane and transforming it into something oddly captivating. Through his quirky lens, everyday life becomes a canvas for the unexpected, drawing in audiences seeking a break from the ordinary. What makes these comics so intriguing is their capacity to engage readers on multiple levels. They prompt us to question our perceptions, coax out laughter from the unexpected, and sometimes even provoke deeper contemplation about the world we inhabit.

#11. Resize


#12. Super Decliner

#13. Go To Sleep


#14. Protect

#15. Sea Water


#16. Something Spicy

In a landscape where conformity often reigns, weird comics stand out as a breath of fresh air. They offer a playground for creativity, inviting both creators and audiences to embrace the peculiar and relish in the unconventional. Texan Alan’s rise in the realm of Instagram art is a testament to the allure of the unconventional. His willingness to embrace the “stupid” thoughts that pop into his mind and translate them into art resonates with a growing audience eager for something refreshingly different.

#17. Turkey Feeding


#18. Thankful

#19. Hand Turkeys


#20. Hand Drawing

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