30 Humor Comics That Might Brighten Your Day By Laughing Hippo Studio

Most of us probably remember old-school comics in the newspapers, full of puns, wife-husband jokes, and all sorts of other topics. They were usually pretty short and straight to the point. Well, if you remember them, the Doug Hill comics will probably make you feel a bit nostalgic.

Doug is better known as Laughing Hippo Studio on his social media. The artist created potpourri cartoons, as well as the Barton and Off The Wall comics. The style of it is simple, reminiscent of newspaper comics, and is made from a single panel. And as for Doug’s humor, it’s pretty goofy, full of innuendo, puns, and unexpected endings.

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Doug manages to capture the audience with his comics, not just because of the simple style or single panel illustrations, but because of his unique humor. Some will feel nostalgic, others have never seen this type of comics and will be interested just for that. It’s really fun to see that this style is still working.



Little is known about Doug as a person. His comics are funny and often very naughty and dirty. The themes and themes that he chooses are sometimes risky, but it’s all a lot of fun. The artist makes fun of society, marriages, human emotions, and many other things. He does not stop and is not afraid to say it like he is him.








Doug shares what the hardest part of creating art is for him: always the idea. Sometimes I start with a drawing, but mostly I have to visualize the idea before drawing. I also do a lot with puns and cliche twists.



The artist says that the topics he chooses to cover are very broad: almost anything. Whatever comes to mind. I have only done a political cartoon, almost exclusively in general humor. I have two other series, Off The Wall, that are all about dungeon and bartoon humor. Doug also describes his style and type of humor: “My style is sometimes semi-realistic, sometimes loose, but seldom strange works of art. My humor is mostly based on real life. Humor that many people can get along with. Identify Sometimes I guess it’s Boomer Humor (I’m 73 years old), and some a little twisted too.



















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