20 Wholesome Couple Comics by Guy Elnathan about Parenthood




Guy Elnathan is a comic strip creator who has become well-known for his happy-go-lucky couple cartoons on Instagram. His comics are renowned for their touching, relatable, and occasionally humorous portrayals of typical interactions between partners. This artist is the creator of the webcomic serial “Chronicles of Us.” You’re bound to smile when you read comics like this. The artist’s comics can be absurdly funny at times, depict relatable every-day events at other times, and best of all, capture what it’s like to be married and also have a new infant.

His comics frequently feature a smitten pair who enjoy one another’s company and the little pleasures in life. Strong lines and warm colors are used to create basic yet expressive artwork that perfectly captures the personalities and emotions of his characters. Readers of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds can appreciate his cartoons, regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not. As seen in his comics, which offer a peek into its joys, everyone can identify with and aspire to be in a loving, supportive relationship. He currently has an audience of 155,000 followers. 

The ability of his work to catch the fleeting but crucial moments that comprise a relationship is what makes it so exceptional. His cartoons serve as a gentle reminder that love is not just about extravagant demonstrations of affection and grand gestures but also about the often-overlooked quiet moments of connection and pleasure. His creative output is a testament to the strength of modest deeds of love and compassion, as well as a celebration of love in all its forms. The following part contains a collection of his best illustrations. You can also read some of his previous posts on boredcomics by clicking here and here.

Credit: Guy Elnathan

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#1. Giggles

#2. How old (Part 2)

#3. How old (Part 1)

#4. Hair

#5. Wake me up (Part 1)

#6. Wake me up (Part 2)

#7. Discussion

#8. Time

#9. Congrats to us

#10. Yay!

#11. Teach me, master

#12. Beep beep

#13. Stay shameless

#14. Baby whisperer

#15. Chuckles

#16. Warmth

#17. Betrayal

#18. Happy Birthday!

#19. Out of excitement

#20. Relaxing experience

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