20 Weird Comics Full of Surreal Observations and Sometimes Wickedly Good Puns


Come along on a journey into the mind-bending and laughter-inducing world of Jeremy Kaye, the genius behind the webcomic sensation Up and Out! If you’re into quirky, offbeat humor that sneaks up on you and leaves you grinning ear to ear, this is the place to be. Since 2013, Jeremy has been tickling the funny bones of thousands with his webcomic wizardry. Up and Out isn’t your typical comic—it’s a rollercoaster ride through bizarre one-off gags, mind-bending observations, and puns so good, they might just be wicked.

You’re scrolling through your feed, and suddenly, you stumble upon an Up and Out comic. At first glance, it might seem like any other comic strip, but wait for it. As you delve deeper into the panels, you realize you’ve entered a world where surrealism meets hilarity.

Credit: Jeremy Kaye

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#1. Little Things


#2. Learn about the world

#3. That’s it


#4. Weather

#5. Date Tonight


Jeremy’s knack for spinning the ordinary into something fantastically absurd is what sets Up and Out apart. You might find yourself chuckling at a peculiar observation about life or grinning at a pun that’s so clever, it’s almost criminal. It’s like getting a surprise gift with each strip—unpredictable yet oh-so-satisfying.

#6. Never

#7. No Cheating


#8. Spy Gear

#9. Not Today


#10. Safe

What’s even more impressive is the following that Jeremy has gathered over the years. Up and Out isn’t just a comic; it’s a community—a place where folks gather to revel in the delightful weirdness and share a collective chuckle or two. With fans from all corners of the internet, it’s safe to say Jeremy’s brand of humor has found a loving home in the hearts of many.

#11. Again


#12. Guess Who?

#13. Pretty Bad


#14. Deadly Sins

#15. Where are you going?


#16. Help Someone

So, if you’re ready to dive headfirst into a world where the unexpected reigns supreme and where every punchline is a delightful surprise, join the legions of fans who have found joy in the wacky wonderland of Up and Out. Brace yourself for weirdness, surreal humor, and puns that are simply too good to resist!

#17. Clean Room


#18. Crap

#19. Fairy God Chicken


#20. Happy Birthday

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