20 Warheads Comics Based on Clever Situations to Make You Laugh

Let me introduce you to a comic strip artist who creates comics […]

Let me introduce you to a comic strip artist who creates comics based on crazy things happening in real life. The most well-known feature about him is his Warheads Comics Instagram account. Jim and Brian are the two major characters in this series of comics. Jim is portrayed as an armless person with a usually negative attitude. On the other hand, Brian is a physically unfortunate but happy character.

The humor in his comics comes from the contrast between their personalities and the situations they face. His art style is described as simple and cartoonish. His main focus is on expressive faces and body language to convey emotions. Due to this, he is able to reach an audience of 22,100 followers on his Instagram account. We have collected some of his best comics for you in the following section.

Credit: Warheads Comics

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#1. Pay Back

#2. Waiting

#3. Phone Call


#4. Woman

#5. New Friend

#6. National Guard


He created personal comics for fun before coming into publishing. He started with personal projects before creating Jim and Brian or other published works. The artist has mastered drawing skills through practice and experimentation. Basically, he started drawing comics to make his friends laugh. But getting positive feedback makes him want to share it with the public as well.

#7. Air Support

#8. Sleeping Pills

#9. So Beautiful


#10. Do not like me

#11. Double Date

#12. Allergic to fish


#13. Arrest This Woman

#14. What the Hell

He manages to find humor in the simplest and most random situations. The artist always creates comics in a four-panel format. According to him, four panels look more attractive and have something to read instead of only one-panel comics. Also, there are more surprising twists in every panel. If you find this article interesting and want to enjoy it more, then be sure to visit here.

#15. Electrical Tape


#16. Look Up

#17. Follow Me

#18. Not So Good


#19. Happy to See

#20. I will Take It

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