20 Vi Animation Comics Beautifully Sums Up How Married Life Goes On

Married couples regularly discuss routines, tasks at home, and personal jokes on […]

Married couples regularly discuss routines, tasks at home, and personal jokes on social media. Illustrations demonstrate the humor that couples find in each other’s bizarre behaviors, making these ordinary experiences into laugh-out-loud scenarios. These types of comics show that even the most ordinary moments can be extraordinary when shared with someone you love. In capturing such moments in perfect comics, there is no one better than Vi Animation.

She is a female artist who lives in Mexico and started making comics in 2020. There are three main characters in her comics, which are Vi, Tor, and Li. Vi is the female character, who is the artist herself. Tor is her boyfriend, and Li is their baby. The artist has a presence on both Facebook and Instagram. She has an online following of 12,000 followers on her Facebook page. If you want to freshen up your memories with your partner, then be sure to check out the out the next gallery.

Credit: Vi Animation

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#1. Game

#2. Looks like someone can’t sleep

#3. Jealous


#4. Movie Night

#5. That’s cheating

#6. Scares that give pleasure


She is the artist who is perfect at depicting how couples experience new life stages, like having kids or dealing with everyday awkward moments. The artist says that the journey may not always be smooth, but comics can show the beauty of facing it together. She further says that marriage is all about give and take. Her comics show the funny struggles and the teamwork that keep a marriage going.

#7. His questions always surprise me

#8. It’s a man’s beard

#9. Safe Place


#10. Me Too

#11. Crazy dreams

#12. Ways to reassure your girlfriend


#13. Always together

#14. Dirty Couple

As we know, misunderstandings and arguments are natural in any relationship. Her comics highlight the value of communication and problem-solving skills by showing how couples handle these situations with seriousness or fun. Overall, comics offer a snapshot of the joys, frustrations, and lasting relationships that define married life.

#15. Noisy tickling


#16. Sad

#17. So Relatable

#18. Mosquito Bite


#19. Hilarious

#20. So Dramatic

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