20 Undots Comics Sums Up Wholesome Moments Happens in Relationship

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Undots Comics is a web comic created by a female artist. She is the artist from India who started making comics back in 2016. She describes herself as a 19-year-old girl trying to find her path. Her main focus is to capture relatable situations with the aim of spreading positivity. The artist lived with her partner, and they both did silly and adorable things to make their bond stronger. 


She says that her comics are more than just amusement. They are an inspiration for people trapped in the confusing web of love. She teaches valuable lessons through these creative lessons taken from the artist’s own experiences and observations. By spreading positivity, she is able to amass an audience of 18,200 followers on her Instagram account. If you are a couple, then enjoy the following gallery to make your bond stronger.

Credit: Undots Comics

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#1. Raining Outside

image 3018

#2. Storm doesn’t last forever

image 3019

#3. Happy Birthday

image 3020

#4. Want to Sleep

image 3021

#5. Talent

image 3022

#6. The only thing my brain thinks about is you

image 3023

She stated that her goal is to spread positivity. That’s why her comics deal with overcoming challenges, finding joy in everyday moments, or celebrating self-discovery. There are two main characters, which are mostly seen in her comics. One is the artist herself, and the other is her partner. Most of the comics are based on her everyday experiences with her partner, and she captures them in four-panel format.

#7. Exams are knocking at the door

image 3024

#8. Can we kiss forever

image 3025

#9. so bad at following routine

image 3026

#10. He knows how to handle my mood

image 3027

#11. Relatable Post

image 3028

#12. Forever

image 3032

#13. Meet

image 3033

#14. Relatable

image 3034

Her comics show that the foundation of a successful, long-lasting relationship is not large gestures but rather the result of consistent effort, understanding, and constant encouragement through difficult times. The artist’s main focus on relatable situations points towards slice-of-life comics, which depict experiences most people can connect with. If you want to enjoy more of her comics, then click here.

#15. never finish my food

image 3035

#16. Recent Playlist

image 3030

#17. Her Dreams

image 3036

#18. Love

image 3037

#19. Why time files so fast when I’m with you

image 3038

#20. My Life

image 3029

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