This Artist Captures Wholesome Moments That are the Key to a Long-term Relationship


In a bustling world where moments flit by like whispers in the wind, undots.comics stands as a testament to the enduring allure of love and relationships. Nestled within the vibrant tapestry of Instagram, this digital sanctuary is the brainchild of an artist known simply as Undots SJ. With every stroke of the pen, Undots SJ weaves intricate tales of love, infusing them with wisdom, warmth, and an undeniable charm.

Journeying through undots.comics is akin to embarking on a pilgrimage through the heart’s landscape. Each comic strip serves as a window into the nuances of human connections—fragile yet resilient, complex yet beautifully simple.

From the very inception of a concept, SJ’s mind is a kaleidoscope of ideas. Inspiration strikes at the most unexpected moments—a fleeting glance between strangers on a crowded street, a whispered conversation at a coffee shop, or the gentle sway of leaves in a quiet park. The artist delicately captures these ephemeral sparks, molding them into poignant narratives that resonate with countless souls. You can also read some of their previous posts on Bored Comics by clicking here.

Credit: undots.comics

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#1. Care


#2. Try Our Best

#3. Be Strong


#4. Health Issue

#5. Understanding


But what fuels this ceaseless creativity? What is the driving force behind Undots SJ’s artistry? It’s an unyielding belief in the transformative power of love. Behind every stroke of ink lies a fervent desire to celebrate the beauty of relationships and to unravel the complexities that often cloak moments of tenderness, laughter, and understanding.

#6. Sleep Together

#7. Valentines Day


#8. Internet

#9. Relationship


#10. Acceptance

The essence of undots.comics transcends mere entertainment; it serves as a beacon of guidance for those navigating the labyrinth of love. Through these artful vignettes, Undots SJ imparts invaluable lessons—lessons drawn from the artist’s own experiences and observations. They remind us that the key to a lasting, fulfilling relationship lies not in grand gestures but in the cumulative effect of constant effort, unwavering understanding, and steadfast support during tumultuous times.

#11. Where are you?


#12. Finally Finished

#13. Part 3


#14. Part 4

#15. They are right


Undots.comics, though nestled within the digital realm, emanates a palpable warmth that transcends pixels and screens. It fosters a community—a gathering of souls bound by a shared appreciation for the intricacies of the heart. As the digital tapestry of Undots.comics continues to unfold, each stroke of creativity adds another layer of depth to the narrative. The artist’s brush dances upon the canvas of emotions, sketching tales that resonate with the 18,600 followers who have found solace, laughter, and reflection within these hallowed panels.

#16. Queen of my kingdom

#17. Stand Together


#18. Someone to listen

#19. Walk Together


#20. Video Call

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