20 Trash Camell Comics Portrays the Wholesome Daily Life of Pets

Animals are inherently cute and interesting to look at. Comics give them human-like features and expressions, which makes them even more visually appealing. We can see their emotions and body language in a heartwarming way. Many artists believe that basic emotions like happiness, sadness, and anger can be easily conveyed through facial expressions. This is what an artist thinks of when making a comic series about this.

That brilliant artist is Basura. She is a female artist famous for making comics about the wholesome lives of pets. She is best known for her Instagram account with the username Trash Camell. The artist currently lives in Los Angeles. She wants to start this comic series in 2020. In a few months, she was able to make 10,400 people follow her on her Instagram account. You can check out some of her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Trash Camell

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#1. Sure Thing

#2. Let me Down

#3. Of Course


#4. Tickets to Concerts

#5. Perfect Secret

#6. Run Away from problems


The artist has had a deep love for and fascination with animals since childhood. The unique behaviors of animals are a constant source of inspiration for artists. She wants to express this passion through their art and share it with others. Also, she is not an expert at drawing. That’s why she chose animal characters because they allow for more freedom in terms of design and fantastical elements.

#7. Something strong

#8. Gender Expression is weird

#9. Never Seen Her Date


#10. Let me Pet

#11. Programming Paradigms

#12. Stop Texting


#13. Cute Boy

#14. Valentines Candy

She says that animals focus heavily on nonverbal communication, which can be a great source of humor in comics. Her comics mostly focus on the lives of pets. By putting animals in human situations, her comics can create humor by challenging our expectations of how animals behave. If you are an animal lover, then you will enjoy this blog. For more such fabulous articles, stay connected with us.

#15. Soft Belly


#16. Sounds like a good time

#17. Valentines Day

#18. So jealous of those people with self made coats


#19. Need Space

#20. State of the world

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