20 Times This Artist Turns Famous Movie Characters into Perfect Arts

Nikolay Mochkin is a super talented artist who works magic with his drawings. He takes our favorite movie characters—the ones we all love and admire—and transforms them into stunning pieces of art. What’s even cooler is that he shares all of his incredible work on his Instagram account called Ellejart, where he has a big group of fans—about 138,000 followers—who love seeing what he creates.


Think about those iconic characters you’ve seen in movies. Maybe it’s Harry Potter casting spells, Iron Man soaring through the sky, or the incredible wonder of characters from Star Wars. Nikolay takes these familiar faces and scenes and puts his own special touch on them. He makes them look so lifelike and detailed that you might think they’re about to jump out of the page!

Credit: Ellejart

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His art isn’t just a simple copy of what you’ve seen before. Nikolay adds his own style, making the characters look even more amazing than they did in the movies. He pays attention to all the small details—the way their expressions show emotions, the colors that make everything pop, and the background that brings the whole scene to life.










The thing about Nikolay’s art is that it’s not just for people who are into drawing or painting. Anyone who loves movies or appreciates great artwork can enjoy what he does. It’s like getting to see your favorite characters in a whole new light, and it’s super cool to see how an artist like Nikolay brings them to life in his own special way.










So, if you ever hop onto Instagram and come across ellejart, don’t be surprised if you get lost in a world of fantastic movie characters turned into mind-blowing art. Nikolay Mochkin’s talent is truly something special, and it’s awesome that he shares it with all of us on social media!






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