20 Times Female Cartoonist Aleena Shares Her Life Experiences

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Today we are going to talk about a female artist who is a lesser-known independent cartoonist who creates comics based on her own life experiences. Let’s begin with a talented comic artist whose name is Aleena. She goes by the user name Aleena Cartoons on her Instagram account. She is a storyteller as well as an illustrator who enhances life’s most relatable moments with her unique style.


She is an artist who loves graphic design. On her Instagram bio, she describes herself as an artist who loves to share her experiences. The artist does not have a degree in such a field, but her dedication from a young age made her an expert in this field. Her comics combine humor, originality, and an element of advice. Her dedication to using art to express stories is unbreakable. You can check out some of her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Aleena Cartoons

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#1. Teenager

image 2301

#2. So Scary

image 2302

#3. Bed Time Story

image 2303

#4. Fearless

image 2304

#5. So Hungry

image 2305

#6. Mirror talks are important

image 2306

She wanted to share her thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences with the world, so she decided to start creating comics about her life. She took comfort in creating art from her everyday experiences, drawing on her own struggles and successes. She felt a deep feeling of relief as a result, and she saw that other people could relate to her joys and difficulties.

#7. Bracelet

image 2307

#8. Perfect

image 2308

#9. Working Day

image 2309

#10. Not Again

image 2310

#11. My brain is such a moody

image 2311

#12. Hate Leaving

image 2312

#13. Passing on little compliments can mean the world to some

image 2313

#14. Yoga Pants

image 2314

She is an illustrator who uses her work to express her ideas and life experiences. Her comics combine reflective ideas, relevant scenarios, and personal stories. Her comics are enjoyable, even though she does not have a large following on Instagram. You can see a lot about her life and her distinct perspective on the world by following her on Instagram.

#15. Wrapping

image 2315

#16. Fear

image 2316

#17. So Hot

image 2317

#18. Inspector

image 2318

#19. Foot Wears

image 2319

#20. Nice Time

image 2320

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