20 Times Cartoonist Christine Rai Sums Up Relatable Experiences of Women

Yeah, It’s Chill is a fantastic comic series that is famous for […]

Yeah, It’s Chill is a fantastic comic series that is famous for the relatable experiences of women. The brilliant mind behind this comic series is the female artist whose good name is Christine Rai. She is the artist who makes comics about relatable experiences for women. She mostly creates comics on topics like body image, self-doubt, and the challenges of adulting.

Her illustrations are known for their unique style and ability to navigate the ups and downs of life. She has achieved recognition for her work. She was a Shorty Award finalist in the art category, and her comics have been featured by The Observer and The Huffington Post. The artist currently has an audience of 121,000 followers on her Instagram account. You can check out some of her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Yeah it’s Chill 

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#1. Hair Cut

#2. Raining

#3. Worries


#4. Conclusions

#5. Trap

#6. Fall


She has a background in art or design. This artistic foundation provides the skills necessary to create her illustrations. Therefore, she started creating comics as a way to express herself creatively and explore relatable themes for young women. Once she felt comfortable with her work, she shared her comics online on a social media platform like Instagram or a website.

#7. Ancestors

#8. Future

#9. Valentine


#10. Help Us

#11. Thanks Giving

#12. Too Late


#13. How are You?

#14. Some Crafts

She is currently active on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The artist says that she mostly reads the comments of people on her Instagram posts. Most of the comments are based on positive feedback, and she tries her best to turn the negative comments into positive ones by changing the comic style in the next comic. If you are a girl, you can relate to her comics. For more such comics, you have to visit our website on a regular basis.

#15. Moods


#16. Dolly Day

#17. Summer

#18. Freshness


#19. Outfits

#20. Feel Good

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