20 Times Artist Amir Lopez Shows His Everyday Life with His Partner

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Amir Lopez is a comic creator famous for his wholesome and funny comics featuring relatable characters and situations. He created his Instagram account in 2017 and currently lives in Australia. He draws inspiration from his own life experiences, his relationship with his wife, and his observations of the world around him. His comics aim to entertain and bring a smile to readers’ faces.


He is well-known for his amusing and lovable comic strip, Wyatt & Blu. This cute comic series focuses on the loving and humorous relationship of Blu and Wyatt. It is a couple with blue hair. His Instagram account has 11,900 followers worldwide who feel connected with their love, humor, and relatable everyday activities. The following section contains some of his best comics.

Credit: Amir Lopez

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#1. Celebrity Crush

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#2. Smelly Ride

image 3040

#3. Making Up

image 3041

#4. Mattress Shopping

image 3042

#5. Gift Shopping

image 3043

#6. Good Boyfriend

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He was following other webcomic artists and felt inspired to try his hand at the medium himself. The artist says that it all began with him having some free time, suggesting it might have started as a casual hobby that developed into his current passion project. In his early days as a comic creator, he was not an expert in drawing. But with continued effort, he is now a now a master at it.

#7. How We Miss Each Other

image 3045

#8. Examination

image 3046

#9. Love

image 3047

#10. Hiccups

image 3048

#11. Open

image 3049

#12. Cold Catcher

image 3050

#13. Bus Etiquette

image 3051

#14. Sleeping

image 3052

#15. Girl Scout Cookies 

image 3053

His comics are mostly about relationships, love, and routine happenings. They give you an unexpected dose of optimism and playful fun. Lopez’s comics portray a range of universal experiences, such as the pleasure of spending time with loved ones, the discomfort of social experiences, and the challenges of everyday living. Simply go Here And Here to read some of his previous comics on our website.

#16. Carpet Angel

image 3054

#17. Date Night

image 3055

#18. Big Hitter

image 3056

#19. How to Order

image 3057

#20. Love Speech

image 3058

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