20 Times a Couple Candy And Jerry Shows Their Heartwarming Experiences

Couples can use comics to document special moments in their relationship, like […]

Couples can use comics to document special moments in their relationship, like anniversaries and vacations. Many couples showcase the awkward moments, silly arguments, and everyday mishaps that come with living together. One of them is Candy and Jerry. It is the adorable couple who share the moments from their daily lives on their Instagram account. Because this can be a lighthearted and relatable way to connect with readers.

The brilliant mind behind this comic series does not reveal her original name. But she goes by the username @thecandyjerrylove on her Instagram account. Candy is the name of the artist herself, and Jerry is the character who is shown as her partner in her comics. She currently has a huge audience of 360,000 followers on her Instagram account. If you are a couple, you can enjoy her best comics by scrolling down.

Credit: The Candy Jerry Love

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#1. Booty Booty

#2. Love his hair 

#3. Love to give forehead kiss


#4. Long Distance Relationship

#5. Naughty Boyfriend


#6. So Painful

Basically, she is the artist from India who started making comics in 2020. The sincere moments that a couple shares are the basis of every lasting love story, and she skillfully shows them. She claims that these are the real, natural connections that occur in the everyday activities of everyday life rather than the massive, staged events we witness in movies.

#7. Always delays to get ready

#8. More Tasty


#9. Affection

#10. Talkative

#11. Please


#12. So relatable

#13. Give me Towel

#14. Horror Movie


In the field of digital art, this web comic is unique due to its remarkable ability to capture the emotion of love in beautifully drawn illustrations. The relationship’s stories give us an affectionate indication that love is about more than simply big gestures. It’s about small, everyday acts of understanding, companionship, and laughter. For more of her comics, you have to simply click here.

#15. Naughty One

#16. Do not Be Afraid

#17. That’s Great


#18. It’s Perfect

#19. Not Hungry


#20. Already Ate


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