20 Times This Artist Chronicles the sweet moments of couple Candy and Jerry

Sweet moments shared between a couple are the heartbeats of any enduring love story. These moments are not the extravagant, scripted events we see in movies, but rather the unscripted, genuine connections that happen in the simple flow of daily life. A stolen glance, a shared laugh, an unexpected hug—these are the treasures of a relationship that build a profound connection between two hearts. Sweet moments are the threads that weave the fabric of love, strengthening the bond and making everyday life a beautiful adventure. In these moments, couples find comfort, joy, and the reassurance that they are each other’s safe haven in a chaotic world.


Meet the talented artist who goes by the pseudonym “The Candy and Jerry Love,” a creator who has amassed a devoted following of 365,000 Instagram fans. Through charming illustrations, they chronicle the everyday adventures and tender moments of a couple named Candy and Jerry, painting a picture of love that feels both timeless and authentic.

Credit: The Candy and Jerry Love

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#1. Look like heater

#2. Look


#3. Quite Similar

#4. Kiss Me


#5. Can’t Sleep

This web comic stands out in the digital art world for its profound ability to distill the essence of love into beautifully crafted images. The couple’s stories are a delightful reminder that love is not just grand gestures but also simple, everyday acts of kindness, laughter, and togetherness. Each illustration is a testament to the power of visual storytelling. With vibrant colors, expressive characters, and meticulous attention to detail, the artist brings Candy and Jerry to life. Through these charming visuals, readers are invited to step into the world of this endearing couple and share in their joys and challenges.

#6. Close the door


#7. Dare

#8. Never mind


#9. Attention

#10. What happened?


#11. Pool time

The magic of “Candy and Jerry Love” lies in its ability to find beauty in the ordinary. From sharing breakfast to dancing in the rain, the comics depict the sweet moments of daily life that resonate with everyone who’s experienced the joys of love. The relatability of these moments is what makes the art so enchanting. While Candy and Jerry may be the central characters, the emotions and experiences they go through are universally relatable. Readers from all walks of life find themselves nodding in agreement, smiling in recognition, and sometimes even shedding a tear or two as they see their own love stories reflected in the art.

#12. Farting


#13. Everything Feels Good

#14. Bath Time


#15. Chu


#16. Love Time

In addition to the endearing moments, the artist occasionally infuses a touch of whimsy into the stories. Whether it’s a playful encounter with a mischievous squirrel or a charming adventure through the pages of a fairy tale, these moments add depth and enchantment to the narrative. They remind us that love comes in many shapes and sizes. It celebrates love between partners, but it also acknowledges the love of family, friends, and even the love we have for ourselves. Love, in all its forms, is a theme that runs through each illustration.

#17. Ever Experienced?


#18. During work

#19. To Kiss Me


#20. Eating

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