20 Tangy Bones Comics Based on Hilarious Jokes to Make Your Day Better

Tangy Bones Comics is a web comic created by Sean Kirkpatrick. She is an illustrator and comic strip artist from Melbourne. She is a comic book artist who makes adorable and humorous comics to brighten your day. The artist’s excellent sense of humor has made her well known. Her comics mostly depict people in amusing situations, occasionally involving strange creatures as well. She always creates comics based on four panels.

The artist recently changed her Instagram account username. She has had the username Seany Boy Draws before. Her illustrations seem to be whimsical and sometimes feature mythological creatures and fantasy elements. There are about 20,400 people all over the world who follow her on her Instagram account. They always await her new comics. Some of her best comics are collected for you in the following gallery.

Credit: Tangy Bones Comics

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#1. Skeleton

#2. Electric Blanket

#3. Good Boy Gang


#4. Need To Poop

#5. Instagram

#6. Enlightenment Achieved


The way she has a sense of humor and her creativity both contribute to her rise to fame. She illustrates amusing subjects with appealing graphics. Her use of color is pleasing to the eyes, in addition to making you laugh out loud. Her humor has become well-known, and it distinguishes her drawings from those of many other comic book artists.

#7. Comfort

#8. Seems Excessive

#9. Real Man


#10. Existence

#11. Weekend

#12. Let’s Go


#13. Game

#14. Dental Plan

She categorized her work as funny and full of humorous moments. In addition to longer works and single-panel comics, the artist mostly produces four-panel comics. She takes pleasure in cracking jokes that make people laugh. She started drawing comics as a hobby and gained enough popularity that she now has a respectable following on Instagram. If you want to enjoy more of her comics, then click here.

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#16. Christmas

#17. Treat Myself

#18. New Shirt


#19. Wishes

#20. Toilet Boy

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