20 Fabulous Comics by an Artist Who is an Expert in Capturing Hilariously Random Situations

Random situations can come and go in an instant. You need quick reflexes to capture them on camera or in your storytelling. Always have your camera or notepad ready. Hilarious randomness often thrives on the element of surprise. Be ready to capture moments that catch people off guard or create sudden and unexpected juxtapositions. To capture hilariously random moments, you must first be attuned to the unusual and absurd in everyday life. This involves noticing incongruities, quirks, and peculiarities that others might overlook.

Timing is crucial for humor. Whether you’re taking photos or writing, understanding when to capture a moment or deliver a punchline is key. Comedy often relies on well-timed pauses and delivery. How you frame the scene or the way you present it in your writing can greatly enhance the humor. Think about angles, composition, and timing to make the randomness even funnier.

Credit: Seany Boy Draws

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#1. Fixing a wall

#2. Look at stretch

#3. Kids


#4. Never mind

#5. Go for it

Sean Kirkpatrick, also known as SeanyboyDraws, is an Australian artist and illustrator who is known for his unique and whimsical style of art. He creates a wide variety of illustrations, from cute and cuddly characters to more abstract and surreal creations. His work is often featured in online publications, on merchandise, and in personal commissions.

#6. Hold it


#7. Is not that sweet?

#8. Dinner Time

#9. Such Beauty


#10. So Disciplined

#11. Rubbish Week

Kirkpatrick’s art is characterized by its bold lines, vibrant colors, and playful sense of humor. He often uses exaggerated features and proportions to create memorable characters, and he has a knack for capturing emotion and personality in his work. His illustrations are often inspired by pop culture, nature, and everyday life.

#12. Of Course


#13. New Followers

#14. Real Milk

#15. Apartment


#16. Friend’s Wedding

SeanyboyDraws has a large and active following of 21,100 followers on social media, where he shares his work and interacts with fans. He has also self-published several collections of his illustrations, and he has collaborated with a number of brands and businesses. Kirkpatrick’s work has been praised for its originality, creativity, and ability to bring joy to people’s lives. He is a talented artist with a bright future, and I am excited to see what he creates next.

#17. Just Wacky

#18. Couple Talk


#19. Dentist

#20. Podcasts

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