20 Stana Comics Perfectly Sums Up How Everyday Life of Couples Goes On

Moments that are regular, amazing, and, well, simply quiet make up life. However, it’s usually these calm, everyday happenings that make us smile and improve our enjoyment of life. On Instagram, Stana Comics has a beautiful account that makes us smile and laugh through his fabulous content. He is a freelance artist. Based on his experiences with his partner, he makes comics that are always amusing to his fans.


He captures the humor, romance, and everyday realities of relationships. He creates comics about his relationship with his partner. His comics feature relatable situations with a charmingly awkward twist. By creating comics on such topics, he is able to reach an audience of 8,042 followers on his Instagram account. If you are a couple and want to enjoy the best moments, then be sure to check out the following section.

Credit: Stana Comics

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#1. Movie


#2. Making plans for the weekend be like


#3. Sits

#4. Specify


#5. Store

#6. Summer


Stana Comics is confirmation that simplicity can be delightful. Stana’s comics often involve relatable and everyday scenarios that we have all experienced at some point in our lives. Stana’s ability to discover humor in even the most ordinary circumstances is one of his most amazing artistic qualities. Due to this, his comics are easy to relate to for many people.

#7. Dog Vs Cat

#8. Wedding Scene


#9. No Diet

#10. Cuddling


#11. Back Pain

#12. What’s Wrong?


#13. When you always find the longest fry there 

#14. Look


#15. Trending Videos

He depicts the sweet and funny moments of domestic life with his lover. The artist believes that the joys and challenges of a long-term relationship happen to almost all of us. The best way to enjoy these moments is to watch his comics. So that your mood becomes better and your sorrows turn into happiness. If you want to enjoy more of these types of comics, then feel free to click here.

#16. Unbelievable


#17. Stretch

#18. Sick


#19. Yoga

#20. Best Moments


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