20 Relatable Comics Shows The Hilarious Adventures of The Girl in Red Hijab

Girl in the Red Hijab is an Instagram account that was created by a female artist. Her good name is Emaan Bangash. This comic series is about a young Muslim girl who is facing struggles related to hijab, friendships, and her faith. She is basically a law student but also loves to draw comics for people. She currently lives in the United States and joined the Instagram platform back in 2019.

She is twenty-two years old. The main theme of her comics is the struggles and experiences of the artist herself as a Muslim girl. Most of the time, her comics are based on hijabs. She shares her opinions and her experiences as a Muslim woman wearing a hijab with the world. By doing so, she is able to reach an audience of 6,585 followers on her Instagram account. Let’s enjoy some of her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Girl in the Red Hijab

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#1. Wake Up

#2. Reopened Everything

#3. Stay at Home


#4. Social Distancing

#5. Asian Cuisine

#6. Going to Hell


In addition, she clarifies misunderstandings regarding Muslims and the hijab, discusses opinions, and shares her own experiences. She shares sensitive experiences that are helpful in the audience’s understanding of her viewpoint, drawing from her own adventures and conclusions. Her illustrations provide readers with an inside look at a Muslim woman’s life and provide perspectives that are sometimes absent from the media.

#7. Without Hijab

#8. That was so Good

#9. Environment


#10. Something not Right

#11. Freezing Out

#12. Started Packing


#13. Coast is clear

#14. Fit so well

Sometimes, she also makes comics about social interactions. She is the only artist who has the bravery to make comics about this kind of topic. Her illustrations address an extensive selection of topics, including relationships, politics, social justice, culture, and love. As a girl, we hope you understand and relate to this blog. Do not forget to rate and share this blog.

#15. Lock it


#16. Text her an apology

#17. Something far greater

#18. Whispering


#19. New Notebook

#20. Great question

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