20 Relatable Comics About the Couple’s Life by Three Under the Rain 

Three Under the Rain is an Instagram account that is famous for making comics about a sweet couple named Brisa and Joan. They create heartwarming illustrations and short comics featuring themselves and their dog. The artist goes by Brisa, and she is an illustrator. Their dog’s name is Marly, and Joan is her boyfriend. Their comics depict everyday life, capturing the joys and small moments of living together with a furry companion.

Brisa’s skill as an illustrator suggests an artistic background. Perhaps their love story began with a shared passion for art, and comics became a way to express their lives together. They started creating comics as a way to document their experiences as a couple. But they were able to gain 384,000 followers on her Instagram account. If you want to enjoy such adorable moments, then feel free to explore the next section.

Credit: Three Under The Rain

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#1. We keep lying to ourselves every year

#2. cookies

#3. Good Idea


#4. Who else does this?

#5. Good Morning

#6. Perfect way


The artist says that seeing other couples share their stories through comics could have inspired them to do the same. This is why they started creating comics together. It started as a small, personal project that grew into a passion project they now share with the world. In 2017, she posted her first four-panel drawing to Instagram.

#7. Affection

#8. Perfect Bond

#9. Love You too


#10. Many Bruises

#11. Summer Mode

#12. Nothing lasts forever


#13. Every single time

#14. Stop

Usually, she talks about her own shared experiences. Brisa’s comics are well-known for their romantic themes and appealing color illustrations. She regularly posts calmly joyful shots of the outdoors, adorable dogs, and charming couples. Three Under the Rain will make your day, whether you’re in need of some motivation or some joy. Check out some of her earlier comics by clicking these links: Here And Here.

#15. Keeps me Float


#16. Working from Home

#17. Sure

#18. Driving


#19. Someone’s helping Santa

#20. Problem

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