20 Real-Life Comics Sum Up the Everyday Life of an Artist with Her Friends


In today’s world, everyone is busy with their own lives. There are many similar situations we face in our daily lives. But we think we are the only ones who face them. But the article that we will introduce to you today makes it false. Because she captures these experiences so that everyone can relate to her comics. Let me introduce a web comic named Real Life Comics. It is a long-running webcomic created by Maelyn Dean.

It launched in 1999 and is still going strong, following the lives of Dean and her friends. He combines humor from everyday life with fantastical elements. The main character is loosely based on the author herself. Mae is impulsive, and creative, and enjoys video games. Surrounding Mae are her friends, family, and quirky friends, each adding their own unique flavor to the comic. Let’s take a look at some of her best comics.

Credit: Real Life Comics

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#1. Usual Outfit


#2. Must poke

#3. Let’s see it


#4. Tattoo

#5. That’s weird


Real Life Comics explores the everyday experiences of young adults, often focusing on relatable situations like friendship, relationships, work and career struggles, and self-discovery. She mostly captures these situations in a four-panel format because, according to her, it is enough. Readers can easily connect with the characters and their experiences, making the comic feel personal and amusing. 

#6. Excited to get to work

#7. Sent a message


#8. That’s gorgeous

#9. Nothing to watch


#10. Twitter collapsing

#11. Understand


#12. Don’t believe in ghosts

Maelyn Dean has self-published Real Life Comics throughout its run, allowing for creative freedom and a unique voice. With over 20 years of content, Real Life Comics is a perfect place for many people to enjoy comics in their free time. You can read and explore the latest comics on her official website. If you like the blog, be sure to share and leave a comment.

#13. Let’s see


#14. Halloween Decorations

#15. Fellow ship


#16. Taste best

#17. Confused


#18. Very important detail

#19. Best way to sanitize


#20. Scientific discovery

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