20 Raph Comics Shows Everyday Life Experiences in a Humorous Way

We have the pleasure of introducing you to a talented artist whose name is Raph. He is without a doubt the best cartoonist when it comes to creating humorous illustrations with a serious mood and an unexpected result. He resides in Melbourne, Australia. He creates interesting stories that are regularly weirdly familiar based on his everyday experiences. As a result, comic-book supporters like him a lot.

The artist goes by the same username on his Instagram account. Raph’s concepts and wonderful expressions resulted in one of the greatest and most impressive masterpieces of art on the Internet. Raph is the greatest at capturing humorous comedy. It has a dark tone and an unexpected finish. A few of Raph’s best works have been chosen for your enjoyment and smiles.

Credit: Raph Comics

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#1. Play dead

#2. Round of applause

#3. Hungry


#4. Exams are Done

#5. Best Part

#6. Big News


He says that he creates comics on wonderful, morally questionable, dark, and dumb ideas. He doesn’t limit himself to any one type of humor. My favorite thing about art is seeing how different people react to it. The best art to uplift one’s spirits is what he creates. He enjoys creating comics that depict God or other abstract concepts like the afterlife, infinity, etc. 

#7. Human

#8. Amazing

#9. Special Brownies


#10. Time to finish

#11. Worst Enemy

#12. Too Far


#13. Team Spirit

#14. Crazy

He is famous for his dark and unexpected comics, which are mostly shared on social media platforms like Instagram. He takes inspiration from everyday life experiences and transforms them into relatable stories with a twist. That’s why his comics are mostly relatable to everyone. If you want to enjoy more of his comics, then feel free to click here and here.

#15. Message


#16. The whole package

#17. Just Thought

#18. Closer


#19. Dimensions

#20. Robbery

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